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I am intrinsically inspired by the faces of the world and the stories that live in each individuals eyes. Nothing is more powerful than human connection, the human story.


Forever I have been inspired by the pages of National Geographic, curious about other cultures and differing cultural practises, why people choose to adorn themselves in certain ways, different hardships encountered, and what makes each person their authentic selves. I use painting as a way to understand and celebrate differences from all identities and to highlight all beauty.


From exploring the world myself I have found every human has their own unique story, many of the portraits I paint are blends and impressions of people and places I have been fortunate enough to travel to or meet. They are often not one particular person but a reflections as seen through my eyes.


By sharing these portraits I aim to highlight the similarities and beauty between individual identities as well as cultural. Though we all encounter different hardships and are unique and individual in many ways, my paintings view one another as all equal, open to each others idiosyncrasies. When we look at one another openly, with curiosity and acceptance we can not only preserve but celebrate all cultures. It is not because we are different, it is because we are the same.


R E F L E C T I O N ' S
  O F   T H E   W O R L D

O N E  D A Y  P O R T R A I T  S T U D I E S 

These one day studies allow me to sharpen my practise, finding new ways to mix colour and different techniques for effective painting. For this purpose I have painted portraits that pose different challenges for me from photographers I admire (with their permission).

Each painting is 5x7" and painted in one day. 

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