Hi I am Sierra Roberts, twenty seven from Wanaka, New Zealand. 


I’m intrinsically inspired by the faces of the world and the stories that live in each individuals eyes. Nothing is more powerful than human connection, the human ‘story’.


Forever, I have been inspired by the pages of National Geographic, curious about other cultural practises, what beauty means , what makes rituals important, and what makes each person their authentic selves. I use painting as a way to understand and celebrate differences from all identities and to highlight the worlds beauty .


From exploring the world myself I have found every human from every culture has their own unique story. Many of the portraits I paint are blends and impressions of people and places I have been fortunate enough to travel to or meet, they are often not one specific person.


By sharing these portraits I aim to highlight the similarities between individual identities as well as cultural. Though we are all unique and individual in many ways, my paintings view one another as all equal, open to each others idiosyncrasies. When we look at one another openly, with curiosity and acceptance we can preserve and celebrate all cultures. It’s not about what makes us different, it's about what makes us the same.


All of my work is created out of love and intended with the deepest respect, beauty and celebration. 

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