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Inspired by the work of photographer Steve McCurry’s Africa series


A narrative of the colour and beauty love attracts.
Once a year the nomadic tribes of the Woodabe gather together for a fierce competition of love. A week long courtship ceremony known as the Gerewol Festival.
The men spend hours creating vibrant, colourful costumes. Painting their faces in rich clay to enhance their symmetry, white teeth and elongated foreheads. For hours they dance under the relentless sun trying their best to impress an eligible woman.
It is physical beauty they prize above all else.
This painting is a celebration of the beauty of humankind and the unity and magic of love. Though we all go about it differently it is love and companionship we seek. It is love that creates beauty.


Acrylic on panel

Framed in a black float frame by The 45th Degree


This painting will be on exhibition at The Cardrona Distillery until early October 


Worthy of Love

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