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Acrylic on panel 


The Frida Collection


Inspired by the delicate and complex identity of Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s brutally honest self portraits describe the love, longing and horror of the female experience.


The heartache and losses of the female experience are so often met with silence and braved alone. Infidelity. The painful loss of a child, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion. Change of body and beauty. Friendships, growth and loss. Jealousy. Motherhood (or absence of). Family, guilt. Watching your parents grow old and pass.


This portrait is an embodiment of Kahlo, as we all are. The harsh honesty of the female experience. The silent pain as a rite of passage. It lives within our eyes and hearts.


Flowers celebrate femininity in all stages, the fragility of life. The flowers adorning her are cause for celebration; the silent sisterhood to which we all belong. 


'I paint the flowers so they will not die.'


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