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Call of the Alpine 


Acrylic on canvas 

Fitted in a charcoal grey float frame 


Kea crowns the head with Tikumu (Mount Cook Daisies) adorning the womans body. 


This body of work explores Aotearoa through my identity as a sixth generation Pākehā. ‘Taonga’ examines the natural elements of Aotearoa which I love and feel such a deep connection to while acknowledging that they do not belong to me. The women in this collection wear native flora and fauna as an accessory, shrouded in grey; the long white cloud- scrutinising the complicated feelings of ownership toward these natural ammenities. This layer is seperate to their skin examining both the separation and closeness I feel to the land. I combine both my European lineage and taonga to express ideas bout identity, belonging and placement in current day Aotearoa.

Call of the Alpine

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