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Acrylic on panel

Framed in an ornate dark wooden frame.


Inspired by travels to Bolivia in 2017 


Colourful handwoven blankets adorn their shoulders providing comfort from the thin, frigid air. Differing formations of bowler hats align the streets of El Mercado de Las Brujas de La Paz, (The Witches Market in La Paz) next to differing stalls of traditional medicines, pickled alpaca fetuses and handmade jumpers. There's a private joke going on between women and I think we might be it. Through full cheeks of cocoa leaves they grin and cackle. The joy is infectious. We thought we were being stared at through hard eyes but we're not, they're curious eyes. We do a double take. 


The term 'Cholita' was orignally meant to be derogatory. Now the beautiful Cholitas are iconic to South America, celebrations of fashion and pride despite a hard journey to recognition and respect. 


'A Double Take' celebrates the importance, imprint and beauty of culture and tradition in a world that is modernising too fast. Taking a second look at the impact loss of culture has on the identity of a person, country, environment and why it is so crucial to preserve. 


Note* The woman featured in this painting is made up from memories and a blend of different reference images. She is inspired by my memory of the beautiful Cholitas from El Mercado de Las Brujas de La Paz but not one particular woman. 


This painting is available to view in Boh & Ivy, Wanaka 

A Double Take

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