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Sierra Roberts from Wānaka, New Zealand, creates bold, statement portraits exploring perceptions of beauty. Sierra spent the past ten years experiencing different parts of the world with a strong emphasis on alpine environments, spending a majority of her time in the Wasaatch Mountains, Himalayas, Andes and Alaska Range prior to beginning full-time studio practise in mid 2019. Her travels through Australia, Asia, South, Central and Northern America have strongly influenced her art, inspiring her to share and celebrate the beauty she has experienced and has challenged her work beyond the traditional ideal of portraiture.


Sierra’s work is exhibited both nationally and internationally, achieving her first sold out solo exhibition in July 2020. 

This image features artist SIERRA ROBERTS sitting with four of her paintings from the Taonga collection. The artist's works are diverse in style and size, showcasing her exceptional skills and unique vision. This image is an excellent representation of the artist's creativity and artistry, and is sure to captivate art lovers and enthusiasts alike.  This body of work explores Aotearoa through my identity as a sixth generation Pākehā. ‘Taonga’ examines the natural elements of Aotearoa which I love and feel such a deep connection to while acknowledging that they do not belong to me. The women in this collection wear native flora and fauna as an accessory, shrouded in grey; the long white cloud- scrutinising the complicated feelings of ownership toward these natural ammenities. This layer is seperate to their skin examining both the separation and closeness I feel to the land. I combine both my European lineage and taonga to express ideas about identity, belonging and placement in current
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