T H E  F I R S T  A U S T R A L I A N ' S 

This Series is still in progress. If you have any suggestions or interest in the images please contact me on sierraroberts92@gmail.com

More paintings to come.  


Through my series; ‘The First Australian’s, my intent is to acknowledge with respect the fore founders of Australia. I have lived in Australia on and off for a few years and only recently realized how little I knew about the Australian Aboriginal's, and that despite living in a very 'culturally aware’ community, information on the Australian Aboriginals was not particularly forth coming. This is my attempt at working toward understanding their culture and people rather than focussing on the bloody past of Australia. I hope to be part of a movement of people becoming more culturally aware and accepting and embracing. I believe through this knowledge of traditions and the past we can move forward together and find a happy medium.  


For the technical side of my series, I used singular portraits to highlight that the Australian Aboriginals are individual people, with individual lives, circumstances and deserving of individual respect. Rather than glossing over them as a group. 

I have sourced images through this style covering a range of different lives and circumstances. 

These portraits are realistic and slightly expressionistic, in my usual style. I have been working hard toward developing my colour use and highlighting a certain characteristic in each portrait to share a different side of each person.   


The Aboriginal people are incredibly intelligent and learning about their early agricultural practices and understanding of their land and needs have been mind blowing for me. I hope through looking at these images you feel encouraged to learn more about the Australian Aboriginals. Through looking into this ancient culture who are/ were deeply spiritual and connected to Mother Earth we could learn how to respect and listen to our Earth along side them. Rather than focussing on 'forward development' and money we could create an understanding and respect resulting in a  better ecology. We can grow and eat more sustainably. And we can get more out of our land. 


There is so much we can learn looking forward, if we look back first. 



If you have any suggestions of information sources or where you think this series could improve please get in contact with me. I am always interested to improve and learn more. 



Love and light,



Sierra Roberts