Acrylic on canvas

Reference image with thanks to Dario Mari


Sadhu Baba, Pashupatinath 2017.

A Hindu Sādhu (holy man) of the sacred Pashupatinath (pronounced Pashu-pati-nath) Temple in the Kathmandu Valley. This temple is dedicated to Pashupati, an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva as “lord of the animals.” The Sādhus give up worldly pleasures, often living in voluntary isolation, dedicating their lives in devotion. Their skin is covered in ash from burnt bodies from the Ganges. This is believed to protect both their ‘inside and outside bodies’ from the elements as well as to ward offevil spirits. The Sādhus purpose is in consoling those in distress, to share and teach religious tenets and assisting the poor, although they are often totally reliant on others for money.

10% of the proceeds go toward The Breast Cancer Foundation


This painting is on display at the Cardrona Distillery, Wanaka until October 


Sādhu Study