Acrylic on canvas 

Reference image with thanks to Nick Kenrick 


scanned from a slide from Jan 1996 

This study formed a larger version 'The Eye of India' on my Original Portraits page. 


A younger me would spend hours pouring over the images in National Geographic magazines. The impacting photographs, (particularly portraits) are what drew me into the articles and stories. A face to the stories if you will. The stories are varied but at the core there was one understanding to me. Devastation occurs all over the world, but the beauty of these struggles come when we as humans come together to solve them. All communities face different difficulties and hardships.  We are all one. Humans need one another to help each other in these times. Whether it be emotionally, financially or simply sharing stories. 


The more we can connect. The more we feel. The more we can understand and embrace we are all one. A problem for one is a problem for all of us; environmental, humanitarian all of it. 

The soul speaks in feelings not thoughts. That’s how National Geographic used to grab my attention and connect me to the outside world. I’m trying to do the same with portraiture- connection not separation. 


Here stands a beautiful Rajasthani Man named Pulkit. He sheds his shadow, stepping toward the light. His wrinkles have seen decades, through amber eyes he knows truth and love. 


10% of the proceeds go toward The Breast Cancer Foundation


On display at the Cardrona Distillery, Wanaka 


Rajasthan Study