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Inspired by travels to Dharamsala, India in 2015 


Chandra named after the moon was inspired by a month in the heart of Dharamsala, also known as ‘Little Tibet’. For me this was a place of wisdom, mind altering experiences through the practise of yoga and meditation and a little bit of fun. Chandra would be sweeping the streets every morning on our way to yoga. Her lined face would crack into a big smile and she would laugh at my friend and I on our way back up up the steep streets after our class when we could barely walk.

*This is an impression of the woman who would make my friend and I laugh every day. Not a direct portrait of her. I’ve tried to create an image of her memory, this memory is influenced by all the women in the area.


Acrylic on Panel

Framed by The 45th Degree

70x100cm, 6cm depth


Available to view at Boh and Ivey, Wanaka