I’m not much of a writer but I thought I would do my best to explain a little bit about my ‘Alaska’ series and my time here.  




I left for Alaska mid February this year with the intention of saving money for two months to put towards my painting. I’ve been here for five months now.


I work at remote heli skiing lodge in the Tordrillo Mountains- part of the famous ‘Alaska Range’. These mountains are BIG and truly incredible. 


I was here inspired to create a series of portraits reflecting my understanding of Alaska. Cold, harsh, rugged, dangerous, beautiful, and raw. Throughout my series some of my images soften reflecting the spring and summer and reprieve it brings. 


I created a small series seeking insight from multiple reference images for each painting following native dress and body adornment from Inuit and Athabaskan tribes for insight. Choosing to make a majority of my images less ‘technically’ beautiful but more real; squinting, loss of teeth, weather beaten skin while still working in my high contrast style. Both dramatizing the contrast in colors, skin textures, and the choice of subject matter being from a more traditional era exaggerating that with the standard portraiture lay out for the majority of the paintings.  


I started this series in a trailer park in Soldotna continuing it through my time at Tordrillo Mountain lodge so each image is truly and authentically Alaskan made.


This is a truly beautiful and unexploited place. I hope my portraits can do justice to the humbling feelings I have experienced here- just how small us humans are in a place as big and challenging as Alaska but how incredible and tough we are!   



I’ve written a little bit more about my time in Alaska..if you’re interested in hearing about it or seeing any pictures click                             if not, no worries! Please feel free to give me feedback on my Alaska series and what you would like to see next! 

I do still have a couple more paintings in the works which will be part of this series so stay tuned! 

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